Play checkers

Checkers rules

Game start

The checkers game is played with 2 players on a board (very similar to the chess one) of 8x8 squares of alternating colors. At the beginning of the match each player starts with 12 pieces distributed as the following image shows. These pieces are called men.

Checkers rules

Turns and movements

Each turn the player moves one of his pieces forward and diagonally one square only. The player can (and must) eat or capture an opponent’s man when the opposing man occupies the next square and there isn’t any other man on the next square.

When it’s always possible the player must eat/capture an opposing piece. When he does it, if it’s possible to capture again he’s forced to do another capture move.


When a man reaches the last row of the board, it will convert into a king. On the English or American checkers mode, which is the one played on the website, kings can move either forward and backward, but one square only. It’s also mandatory to eat whenever possible.

Capture rules

  • If a player transforms a man into a king in a capture movement, the turn will end even if it’s possible to keep capturing.
  • Unlike other modes, the player can’t choose not to capture a piece if it’s possible to do it, not even by sacrificing his piece. There’s no sacrifice option in the English/American checkers (draughts).
  • If the player can choose between several capture options, there is no need to choose a specific option in particular.
  • Men can only capture by moving forward.

How to play checkers

End of the match

The player wins when he has captured all the opposing pieces or when his opponent can’t do any movements by being blocked.


The English/American variant always allows that a game ends, so that a draw isn’t mandatory. The game can only ends in a draw if both players choose and accept.

Checkers room

There are 3 draughts room on Casual Arena: Passport, Tourist and Priority, with different bet values. The Passport room is accessible to all players. On the other hand, the Tourist and Priority room are VIP and Premium users exclusive. Click on the following link to play the checkers game.

Prizes, chips and points

This is the points distribution according to each result and room:




















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