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Online French billiards rules

How to play three-cushion billiards

The game rules are based on the 3 cushion billiards rules, but we adapted them to allow a more entertaining online game. With that in mind, we offer 2 game variants, one more simple and another for more expert players, both based on the carambole concept.

The three-cushion billiards is played with only 3 balls (a white, a yellow and a red ball) on top of a table without pockets. One of the players shoots with the white ball while the opponent shoots with the yellow ball. The red ball does not correspond to any player in particular. We refer as the “cue ball” as the ball that the player hits to start the shot.

In the Casual Arena’s French billiards games there aren’t any fouls, unlike it happens on the other pool games (8 ball and 9 ball).

French billiards rules


A carambole happens when one player follows these 2 conditions:

  1. Hits with his ball (cue ball) the other 2 bolas.
  2. His ball also hits a rail before hitting the third ball.

In the Casual Arena games we have 5 types of caramboles according to the number of rails that the cue ball hits before hitting the third ball:

  • Simple: 1 rail.
  • Double: 2 different rails.
  • Short triple: 3 different rails, being 2 of them the closest ones.
  • Long triple: 3 different rails, being 2 of them the farthest ones.
  • Quadruple: 4 different rails.

Special cases:

  • If the cue ball hits the other 2 balls and only after that it hits a rail, it is not considered a carambole.
  • If it hits the other 2 balls, then the rail and then ball again, it is not considered a carambole.
  • If it touches the same 2 rails repeatedly, the carambole is only double.

How to play three-cushion billiards

Carambole billiards

In this mode, the goal is to do 6 caramboles, no matter what type they are, which means its enough to do simple caramboles. When a player gets a carambole, he plays again. If the player gets 6 caramboles with one more turn that his opponent, then the rival will have an additional turn to manage a draw.

French billiards

This mode is similar to the official 3 cushion billiards and rewards the best players. The goal is to get the maximum score possible in a total of 10 turns for each player. The turns alternate between both players and they cannot shoot again even after getting a carambole.

During each turn, the player must get the best carambole possible. Each carambole offers a different amount of points:

  • Simple: 3 puntos.
  • Double: 5 puntos.
  • Short triple: 9 puntos.
  • Long triple: 11 puntos.
  • Quadruple: 12 puntos.

Web and apps

The Casual Arena’s online billiards games are available to play through web browser and through iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android apps. Every player connects to the same online platform, compete for the same ranking and can interact and chat, but the web players cannot play against the mobile and tablet players because the physics of both engines are different.

The players that use a web browser can play against other players that also do it. The Android, iPhone and iPad players can play against other players on Android, iPhone and iPad. In particular, Android and iOS players can play against each other.

This restriction only affects the pool games. The rest of the Casual Arena games can be played against anyone, no matter the platform.

Three-cushion billiards rooms

In Casual Arena’s pool games there are 5 rooms: Passport, Tourist, Priority, Business and Luxury, which count with different bet values. Every room is accessible after a certain level by all players. Click on the following link to play 3-cushion billiards online.

Prizes, chips and points

This is the points distribution according to each result and room:






























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